Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I can't believe it has been a full year since I started this blog and my main inspiration was my obsession with Karla's Closet. Even though I have few actual readers, I have made a commitment to put more effort into the blog so GET EXCITED!!! Now let's have a trip down memory lane... 
I want to pay homage to my very first role model Miss Hilary Duff as Lizzie McGuire. I don't know about anyone else but I was constantly trying to pull off her tie-dye pants and bandana look. A true risk taker. I even put single braids in my hair and got laughed at by my classmates!

This is punk-rock singer FeFe Dobson... she was also my very first cd!!! I got her album as a gift for my eleventh-birthday. With my Seventeenth fast approaching I thought I'd let people know where my foundations for style and art generate from. 


CMA said...

love this...congrats on your one year!!!
classic role models for a teen when we were that age
love this!

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Mare said...

Just found your blog via Karlas Closet- I really like it!


Samantha said...

Oh man. I remember Lizzie McGuire! :P
I used to think her clothes were so cool. Then I realized they weren't...XD

And I love FeFe Dobson. Her style now (I saw in her new video and at the VMA's) is definitely my thing. I love her rocker chic look!

Exchange links?

Lex said...

Dear Angelita,
My name is Lex and I love you blog and the pictures that you post on it! You really inspired me to start my own so here it is:

Thank you for being so inspiring!!!

glamourchick said...

That is so SWEET, Lex. Thanks for supporting genuinely means alot to me that just posting what i love can inspire others. i'll try to keep it up.

AMIT said...

The T-Shirt is very good in the last picture.

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T.R.L said...
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I quite Like Fefe Dobson...