Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Boy Without A Heart

I have been crushing on Lily Collins here are some of her looks:

I have been sooooo obsessed with JoJo's new mixtape! And the best part about is it's FREE! it's so good i would pay for it. i love " just a dream" and "boy without a heart" they are my favourites.

I went shopping on Madison Ave. and nearly died..... not literally! I was just so excited! i become way too enthralled by NYC sometimes. i am just obsessed. I'm living my dream and just try not to forget how blessed i am.
Also, I was thinking of doing a personal jewelery blog.... because i have purchased quite a bit since i have been in school. if your interested in seeing that let me know please.
THANK YOU to everyone who comments, you all say very nice things.
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