Monday, August 25, 2008

Too Cool for School?

It's my first day back too school, and i was super excited to see my friends, meet new teachers, and blab about my summer, but one thing hendered my excitement "school uniform". Although i did accessorize with a cheetah headband, black bag, pearl earrings, and a gold bangle I felt like i didn't get to express my own personal style and i just looked like everyone else. Im definitely jealous of the unrealistic glamour of the gossip girl uniform,which by way starts new season sept.1, so happy! What television show are you dying to see?
xoxo you know you love me!


Wendy said...

I'd never survive school uniforms, so constricting huh?

~Jay~ said...

I hate school uniforms{: I guess i'm lucky to not have one" but you look so cute!

M @ Wearfare said...

I don't even have a uniform and i wish i could dress like Blair Waldorf!

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